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are you guys ever gonna post new stuff???




I guess.




AK & I entered Adult Swim’s Venture Bros. Costume Contest as Monarch henchgirls with our friend Joanie Mars (who made a fetching Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, as well as a stunning Molotov earlier that day). We had a total blast, and we all got to do the G-A-R-Y cheer with Doc Hammer :D

Bonus: The three of us won the Judges’ Choice Award!

SDCC Day 2

(Hey, guys. I’m still around. Just kinda busy.)

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Okay, so, I’m going to work my way through all my DVDs over the coming weeks (well, let’s be honest — months) and screencapping the hell out of them. So, yeah, that’s happening.


Look at all those cold, dead eyes.

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Adventure Time vs Venture Time!

Aw yeah Hench ladies <3

The world needs more henchladies. Get on it, world.

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Finally finished tagging every single one of the posts on here, so now the sidebar’s links actually work the way they’re supposed to! I’ll try to compile more gifs, screencaps, and fan art over the coming weeks. I’ll particularly try to focus on episodes I haven’t covered as much, or at all.

Thanks for being patient (that is, assuming you have been patient; if you haven’t been patient, then you can shut your whore mouth) as I continue in my quest to make this blog suck significantly less.

21: What’s the password?
The Monarch: I forgot. Oh, wait. I remember: “I’m the fucking Monarch.”

Top Five Venture Bros. Characters - The Grand Galactic Inquisitor
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